Back To Basics Resources and Prompts

Pete Hocking, A Ghost You Walk Right Through, 24 x 30 inches, oil on panel.

I’ve prepared this page for my Back To Basics workshop offered on 11-18 February 2023.

My general Back To Basics resource page offers information on my philosophy of painting, materials, and some techniques.

Some Artists Who May Inspire You:

Optional Prompts For Painting This Week:

  • With a camera, make ten compositions — at the same place, of the same person, or of the same objects — that each surprise or delight you.
  • Paint or draw a self-portrait of how you’re feeling right now. 
  • Make a series of landscape paintings (5 or more) from the same location.
  • Make a self portrait using objects that represent you.
  • Make pictures (painting, drawing or photographs) of the weather you experience this week.
  • Paint the interior of your refrigerator.
  • Paint a portrait of a dog that captures its distinct essence. 
  • Using family photographs, create a painting that tells the story of what was happening three minutes before or three minutes after the photo was taken.
  • Make a portrait or series of portraits of someone who is no longer part of your life due to distance or death.
  • Paint yourself or another person in each of the four seasons.
  • Paint a place near your home in the four seasons
  • Make an abstract painting that refers to your body (dancing, walking, writing, or otherwise moving).

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