Avacado, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, and Hummus

It’s been many, many months since I’ve posted here.  Mostly this has to do with hellish working conditions over the last academic year.  All done with that. Now I’m working to rebalance and reacquaint myself with projects and the meaningful goals of my life.  Fortunately, even though my professional life was stressful, I didn’t lose ground with my nutrition goals. My blood glucose is good and I’m near my target weight.

So, this isn’t one of those good, local meals that, at least conceptually, I’m all about.  But it was today’s lunch. Avacado, Norwegian smoked salmon, and homemade hummus on a rice cake:


The hummus is made by mashing two cans of white beans with one can of chickpeas (I leave them pretty chunky and rough), then combine the juice of two lemons, two large garlic cloves, tahini as needed, and salt an pepper to taste. If it’s dry or the lemo doesn’t give it enough zing, I sometimes add a drizzle of good olive oil.

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