Winter Figurative Workshops

In January and February, I will be offering two figurative painting workshops online through Provincetown Art Association and Museum. In January, I’ll be facilitating Queer Men Painting Figures and in February it will be The Autobiographical Figure. Like all my online workshops, they will have two all-day sessions on consecutive Saturdays, and I’ll have one-to-one sessions with each participant in the week between.

These workshops will not use a live model, but rather will invite participants to use their own body as a starting point for work, to draw from the people in their daily lives, to reference the family photo album, or to build paintings from source material of significance to them.

Queer Men Painting Figures: January 30 – February 6 — The male figure, the autobiographic figure, the desired figure are all part of the history of Queer men working as painters. Often pursued surreptitiously in the past, contemporary queer artists are explicitly developing work that explores the rich texture of their lived and imagined experience while transgressing boundaries imposed by heterocentrism. This workshop will look closely at the work of contemporary Queer male artists — including Hernan Bas, Attila Richard Lukacs, Jochen Klein, Kehinde Wiley, Joey Terrill, Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Zachari Logan, John Kirby, Troy Michie, Anthony Cudahy, Doron Langberg, and Salman Toor — while engaging participants in the process of making figurative paintings that emerge from their vision and experience. We will not be using a live model in the workshop, and participants will be encouraged to work from both their own body using a mirror or photography and / or source material (all gender identities welcome). Register Here.

The Autobiographical Figure: February 27 – March 6 — The self-portrait is one thing, but figurative painters also build a complex personal story by drawing directly from figures they encounter or by creating figurative persona that stand in for themselves. This workshop will work with the figure — beginning with one’s own body and considering that body in relation to other bodies. By using mirrors, reference photographs, family photo albums, and other visual media, this workshop is focused on creating a series of images that explore, interrogate and mythologize personal history. Artists we will consider in the workshop— among others — are Jennie Saville, Elizabeth Peyton, Hernan Bas, Celia Paul, Henry Taylor, Frida Kahlo, Fairfield Porter, Chitra Ganesh, and David Wojnarowicz. We will not be using a live model in this workshop. Register Here.

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