Way Forward Prompts

eardley for blog


  • Thinking about Joan Eardley’s practice of immersing herself in the landscape and making multiple paintings in one place, spend the next three days making a series of pictures (5 or more) from the same location.
  • It’s been said that Joan Eardley is a painter of weather. Make pictures of the weather you experience this week.
  • Henry Taylor’s paintings have rich structure to them, both in terms of the construction of the image and in the use of symbolic elements to create meaning. Develop an archive of 1) 5-10 personal and 2) 5-10 cultural symbols. Explore or combine the symbols to create three pictures that invite the viewer into a deeper conversation with your cultural location / place.
  • David Hockney explores space in relation to how people move through the world and perceive space as moving bodies. Using either one large or multiple small paintings, create a picture (or series of pictures) that bends space as it’s perceived while you move in a space.
  • Thinking about what we’ve discussed about weather, symbology, and alternative perspectives, create a series of pictures that draw from each of these strategies.

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