yoghurt, take 2

yoghurt_18nov2013Benefiting from the advice I garnered after my last post, I made another batch of yoghurt yesterday. A few pieces of knowledge especially helped:

  • I worked with a thermometer this time and could regulate temperatures with precision.
  • The thermometer allowed me to hold the milk at 185F for 15 minutes before rapidly cooling to 110F for pitching the culture.
  • A makeshift double-boiler helped to regulate the heat and also prevented scalding.
  • I knew to temper the original culture before infecting all of the new milk.
  • The pilot lights on my Provincetown stove make the oven a really good incubator. I only needed to incubate for about five hours.
  • I found really pretty jars at the store down the street.

And it worked.

For next time: I need a sassier original culture. A supermarket brand worked, but is super flat. I should have gone to the Supernatural.

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