a couple thoughts about theory

“A concept is created in the intellectual interstices of two philosophers, two friends. It is not rightfully their concept, of course; it is…their friend, the doubling (even quadrupling) of their friendship. The property of neither, the potentiality of both, the concept emerges as a third term between two. It’s arrival enacts the principal features of its conceptual persona: the relational terms of a lived friendship and the theoretical implications of each thinker’s work on friendship are actualized in this event. It is thus a singular concept generated in common; this in itself is its purpose, its raison d’etre.”Tom Roach, Friendship as a Way of Life

“When our lived experience of theorizing is fundamentally linked to processes of self-recovery, of collective liberation, no gap exists between theory and practice. Indeed, what such experience makes more evident is the bond between the two — that ultimately reciprocal process wherein one enables the other.” — bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress

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