Radishes & Peas

As a child, radishes were just a peppery annoyance in iceberg lettuce salads. And iceberg lettuce salads were just an annoying punctuation to dinner. Somewhere along the way, I was introduced the French side dish of radishes and peas. The dish balances nicely. the sweetness of the peas offsetting the peppery bite of the radish. The balance could also be due to the huge amount of butter in the recipe.

While this isn’t my best food styling photograph, this variation on the dish is pretty tasty. It’s pretty simple, just a few ingredients; radishes, peas, shrimp, onions and basil — salt and pepper to taste and a bit of olive oil. Pretty much it’s just sauted together.


2 thoughts on “Radishes & Peas

  1. That looks insanely good! I was getting close to being dxed with Type 2 Diabetes and my Dr put peas on the list of things to cut back on. Is he just being just being Dr Downer?BTW loosing weight and watching my carb intake has made a huge difference, I have been off Metformin for three months and so far so good.

  2. Yes, peas are technically of my list of "good" foods, too. However, through diet and exercise I’ve been able to get my blood glucose below pre-diabetes levels and now eat them from time to time.For me, the trick has been to eliminate (nearly) all processed foods. The only "processed foods" I eat are tortillas, rice cakes, yogurt, tofu noodles, and peanut butter. This has really helped me to control my carbohydrate intake.

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