salmon and blueberry salsa

I ran across Frank Giglio’s web site when I was reading about the <a href="“>Longevity Now Conference on Daniel Vitalis’ page.  I was really intrigued by the pairing in this recipe and decided to try it last night.


In principle I really like this recipe, but I think I made a couple of errors.  First, I went a bit overboard on the lime juice in the salsa.  Since I was only making two servings, I should have used about a third of the juice from a lime instead all of the juice from it.  Similarly, I could have cut the seasoning a bit.  The seasoning from the fish was enough and the salsa needed a lot less (or I could have switched this and not seasoned the salmon so aggressively).

Also, I paired it with arugula — because my garden is producing it and I had it on hand.  It’s not an entirely mismatched pairing, but might have worked better with younger, less peppery greens.

It’s definitely worth trying and I will keep fiddling with the recipe.

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